Mangaluru: “Hindi is the most spoken language in India. Though it is not given the place of rashtra bhasha yet, we still converse as if it is the National Language.As we get eager to learn other languages, we must not forget how special our own Hindi is. More than 70% of the people of the country speak and understand Hindi. To love and respect the language more, it is advisable to use Hindi wherever chances arise” said Sri Ganesh S Indrale, Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya 1, Panambur, Mangaluru speaking on the occasion of the virtual Hindi Diwas celebration in Shakthi.

“Hindi Diwas is celebrated to showcase the importance of the day and the language. It is also meant to spread awareness and the importance of the Hindi language. The day commemorates the event when Hindi was adopted as one of the official languages of India” said Nita Kumari, Lecturer in Hindi, listing out the significance of this day.

Vidya Kamath G, Principal of Shakthi Residential School in her Presidential Address stated that “The day is a celebration of the Hindi language and its cultural heritage and values among the people of the country. Another reason behind celebrating this day is to avoid the increasing trend of English and the neglect of Hindi. Shakthi provides ample scope to upgrade students’ knowledge in Hindi by exposing them to the external examinations conducted by Dakshina Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai”.

Abhinaya Geeth, Desh Bhakthi Geeth, Nibandh Rachana, poster making and creative writing contests were organized. Its basic objective is to increase the spirit of the development of the Hindi language among students by not just limiting it to the Hindi Diwas only. The winners were announced during this celebration.

Sangeetha Marina Peris, English Teacher and group sought the blessings of the almighty. Saloni Subash of Grade 9 proposed the welcome address and Premalatha, Hindi teacher concluded with the Vote of thanks. Nita Kumari, Lecturer in Hindi compered the event.

Dr. K.C.Naik, Administrator, Ramesh K, Chief Advisor, Prakyath Rai, Institute Development Officer, Prof. T.Rajaram Rao, Principal Shakthi PU College, Neema Saxena, Co-ordinator Shakthi Pre-School were connected virtually along with all teaching staff and students.