Doha, Qatar: Vice-President of Indian Cultural center Subramanya Hebbagelu, Fondly known as “Subbu” within the community circles, residing in Qatar for more than a decade, is well-known for his Social service not only to the Kannadiga community but to the whole of the Indian community who are residing in the State of Qatar. He was instrumental in repatriation of Indian communities to homeland during the challenging times of Covid-19. Along with Social work, he is also well known for his cultural services during events organized by Indian Cultural Center and other associate organizations working under the Indian cultural center. He has given a vital contribution to introducing Sandalwood movies to the State of Qatar.

Subramanya Hebbagelu is a senior member and vice-president of Karnataka Sangha Qatar. He has held management positions in ICBF and various other major associate organizations and is currently serving as Vice-President of the Indian Cultural Center, Doha. In recognition of his community service, Shri Subramanya Hebbagilu was felicitated by Guest of Honor Mr. Jamal Fayez, Cultural Consultant, Department of Culture and Arts, Ministry of Culture during the grand cultural event organized by Karnataka Sangha Qatar.President of Karnataka Sangha Qatar, Shri Mahesh Gowda, in his speech, hailed the noble work being done by Shri Subramanya towards the community and thanked him for his contribution to making the Karnataka Sangha Qatar Cultural event a huge success.